About Me…

I am an Illustrator/Graphic Designer currently based in Kingston, Jamaica with over 12 years design experience.

During that time, I’ve worked with various brands, design teams and clients – both local and international.
I’m a lover of life and all its simple intricacies, and I believe there’s always an opportunity to learn something new. Even if you have been doing what you do well for years, someone else could come in and give you another per·spec·tive and before you know it, you have a fresh outlook in your world.
To give the best representation of a product, whether it is a logo, sketch, or a freshly packaged tuna salmon hybrid, it’s important to research it to learn its intended purpose and everyday use. Then you need to improve on the idea so that the end-user fully understands how it impacts or improves his/ her life.
Lets work on a project together….drop me an email so we can get started.

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